Data Categories

Organized from the perspective of a family applying for benefits)

Does the state try to divert the family from applying for benefits?

What kinds of families are potentially eligible?
Eligibility by number/type parents
Which people in a family are potentially eligible?
Eligibility of individual family members
Amount of assets a family can have and still be eligible
Asset test

How is income counted?
Countable income
Amount of income a family can have and still be eligible?
Income eligibility tests
If family passes all eligibility tests, what is the amount of their benefit?
Benefit computation

What are a recipient family's child support requirements?
Child support
What are a recipient family's behavioral requirements?
Contracts and agreements
What are a recipient family's work-related activities requirements?
Activities exemptions
How long can a family receive benefits?
Time limits

What happens after a family no longer receives benefits?
Transitional benefits

Categories of TANF Policy Not Captured in the WRD

Administrative Policies
Caseworker Practices
Budgets or Expenditures